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I will be at the Frome Flea market in the Cheese & Grain on February 12th so come along for a chat!


White Horse News featured me in their October 8th edition and you can read it here

and visit my publisher's website for blog reviews etc

here's a recent blog about my book and a very nice review too!


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I have been writing for a number of years but have now published my first novel, The Mulholland Files. It's a thriller with a heart and is set in the present day and in places I know and love. It is available now and I am currently plotting my next novel so watch this space!

how I write


My inspiration comes from the places I visit, the people I meet, snippets of overheard conversations, odd stories in the newspapers or on social media. Maybe you  have been part of it too. My writing is influenced by what I read, see or hear and sometimes by dreams. Once an idea presents itself I write until I've got it all down.

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The book is now published so my adventure has begun! I'd like you to share my journey with me; all the ups and downs and the final product too of course. I can be found on Facebook and Instagram where I share my inspirations.

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